• Hearing protection
    for industrial use
    Elacin At Work
  • Experience sound the
    way it is intended
    Elacin ER
  • Enjoy the rich and full
    sound of your engine
    Elacin CH
  • The ideal solution for a relaxed night out Elacin RC
  • Enjoy your well deserved rest, comfortably Elacin Relax

Custom moulded hearing protection

Elacin at work

Hearing protection for the industry, professional workers and working in high noise

Elacin Music

Earplugs for visitors to concerts and dancefestivals, musicians DJ’s and sound crews

Elacin Drive

Custom-made earplugs for motorcycle riders, drivers of convertibles and race enthusiasts

Elacin Active

Earplugs for use during spare time activities, DYI, swimming, travelling and outing to a café

Elacin Relax

Custom-made earplugs to shut out noise so one can sleep quietly or concetrate properly

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Universal earplugs

The standard or universal earplugs from Elacin provide you with good ear protection right from the start

Hygiene solutions

Experience sound as it should be, with clean hearing protectors