• Hearing protection for industrial use Elacin at work
  • Experience sound the way it is intended Elacin Music
  • Enjoy the rich and full sound of your engine Elacin Drive
  • For a good night’s sleep and optimal concentration Elacin Relax
  • Enjoy water(sports) without a care in the world Elacin Swim
  • The ideal solution for DIY and related activities Elacin Active

Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Elacin Hearing Protection: a sound experience!


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At Elacin Hearing Protection, we’re passionate about doing all we can to protect the hearing of everybody who needs us.

We specialize in hearing protection for the Automotive, Aviation, Food, Music, Medical & Health industries and Military and Emergency services. Our solutions are available as either compatible with communication devices or as standalone hearing protection. For consumers, we offer custom-made hearing protection in five categories: Music, Drive, Active, Relax and Swim.

Industrial hearing protection

Hearing protection for industrial and professional environments

Leisure-time hearing protection

Hearing protection for music, swimming, sleeping, DIY and other leisure-time activities