Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Elacin SoundDemos: You be the judge

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It’s hard to explain what hearing protection sounds like when worn. Some things you just need to experience to understand. Our unique Sound Demos are a great way to experience the difference our hearing protectors can make to what you hear. Check them all out and judge for yourself.

Elacin ER
Also known as the musician’s hearing protector for its true sound reproduction capabilities, this is a top-line custom-moulded hearing protector.

Elacin RC
Our most widely recommended hearing protector thanks to its high quality sound reproduction and aerated acoustical filter technology.

Elacin CH
This soft silicone hearing protection with a high-attenuation Elacin CH acoustical filter provides an average noise reduction of 30 dB!

Elacin Universal ST24
Our universal solution for incidental use with a flat attenuation and an especially comfortable fit for a standard hearing protector.

Elacin ER20
With flat attenuation and an average attenuation value of between 16 dB and 20 dB, depending on the model, these are widely used by concert and event-goers.

  1. Elacin ER 0:51
  2. Elacin RC 0:51
  3. Elacin CH 0:51
  4. Elacin Universal ST24 0:51
  5. Elacin ER20 0:51