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Elacin has been the industry’s leading manufacturer of professional hearing protection since 1985. Many of today’s most advanced hearing protection solutions were either developed by our R&D department or introduced to the market by Elacin.


We use our knowledge of the human ear and hearing to develop optimal hearing protection solutions for professional and industrial users and consumers. Our goal is to create the best and most effective ways of protecting one of our most important and sophisticated senses.


What is sound?
Everything there is to know about sound, how it evolves, how it changes and how it influences our everyday lives.


We are the ear experts
Detailed information about the auditory system, how our hearing works and how the brain perceives and interprets sound.


Demo hearing protection
Some things need to be experienced to be appreciated. Our Sound Demos give an impression of the benefits of our hearing protection solutions for your sound-experience.


Correct use and maintenance
Hearing protection works best when worn and used properly. Use our video tutorials to learn how to insert and remove your hearing protectors and earplugs correctly, and the best way to clean them.

Elacin SoundDemos

Sound samples using our hearing protectors. Know what to expect

About hearing

About the ear, hearing and how the brain perceives and processes sound

About sound

All there is to know about sound and how it affects everyday life

About Hearing Protection

Find out more about hearing protection and the various types available

How-to guides and videos

How to insert, remove and clean your hearing protection.

Elacin F.A.Q.'s

Sometimes the best questions have already been asked