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Starting June 1st 2017, Elacin manufacturer warranty is 5 years. This allows the user to benefit from Elacin’s After Sales Service for 5 years.

Thanks to the latest 3D manufacturing technologies applied to soft materials (silicones), Elacin will now cover the fifth year of use of custom moulded hearing protection. With the obvious aim of ensuring optimum protection for our users, we continue to recommend the renewal of plugs during the fifth year of use. We will keep monitoring each customer’s fleet of products, alerting every year, on hearing protection to be renewed. On request we will provide the following information:

Time of use User status
< 4 years « well protected »
4 to 5 years « to be replaced »
> 5 years « expired »

Elacin warranties

  • Custom made hearing protection: all versions of the types Elacin CH (incl. acrylic), Elacin RC, Elacin ER SafeSound, Elacin Relax and Elacin Swim, for all B2B and B2C customers have a warranty of 5 years.
  • Accessories and electronic equipment, such as BoomMic, SoloCom and Tube have a warranty of 1 year.
  • Universal hearing protectors have a warranty of 1 month.

FAQ Warranty

What about products sold before 1st of June 2017?

All customized hearing protection sold per 1 January 2017 will have their warranty period extended to 5 years after production. Hearing protection purchased before January 1st 2017 will have a 4 year warranty.

What is considered warranty?

Material errors and manufacturing errors for example;

  • Tear or damage
  • Comfort problems
  • Broken cord
  • Broken filter
What is not warranted?
  • Loss or theft
  • Exact level of attenuation

Nevertheless in case of attenuation issue, our customers can still contact our after sales services which will check the Elacin HP and will propose (if possible) a correction or advise to renew the Elacin pair (not included in warranty).

Why not 6 years warranty?

The ear canal grows over time. After more than 4 years the shape evolves such that the risk of leakage increases significantly. Therefore new imprints, and hearing protection has to be made to ensure a proper seal.

Why 5 years warranty?

3D manufacturing technologies applied to soft materials (silicones), provides us with better accuracy shaping the product. This means we can deliver more accurate fitting hearing protection to ensure good protection during the 5th year. This was already the defacto standard with our – to be replaced – after 4 years and – expired – after 5 years status. We want to guarantee this to our customer, by matching the length of our guarantee with the product lifetime.

Why does Elacin not guarantee the exact level of attenuation?

Real ear attenuation is a result of many factors, of which not all are under control of Elacin. Misuse, and quicker than average evolution of ear canal (e.g. by significant weight loss) are such examples. Each hearing protection attenuation specification – Mean value, APV, HML, SNR – represent a statistical result of extensive testing by an independent laboratory (Notified Body) on a group of 16 test subjects. Due to individual differences, each person is unique, these values are – per definition – not exact for anyone. The statistical properties have to be taken into account in selection of the proper attenuation level, depending on the noise environment (according to EN458). Elacin can advise customers in this matter.

Does Elacin test the products?

Each filter is acoustically verified in-house on our own developed testing equipment and every set of earmoulds passes quality control and is physically checked. We are 100% sure each filter provides the attenuation as promised. Also – a large sample set is tested upon delivery which shows that a neglectable percentage does not pass the initial test. Except for Germany – fit tests are not mandatory in the EU. Where mandatory we will do a fit test, otherwise we will do it on request of the customer.

Can we buy test equipment ourselves?

Yes, it is possible for customers to buy test equipment. We can provide a quotation when requested. We can also offer a seal integrity test service to customers.


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