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Hearing protection for leisure-time activities


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Elacin Leisure hearing protection and services cover five broad categories of free-time activity.


Hearing protection for music
Hearing protection for musicians, festival-goers, concert-goers, DJs and more. No sound distortion and a soft, comfortable custom fit. Find Elacin ER music hearing protectors at Elacin Music.


Earplugs for sleeping
Earplugs for sleeping, resting and concentrating. Made from super-soft, anti-allergic compounds and completely hollow for an extremely comfortable fit – even when lying down! Find them at Elacin Relax.


Hearing protection for motorcyclists
Hearing protection for motorcyclists, cabrio and convertible drivers, motor racing enthusiasts and car fanatics. Hear your engine roar in all its glory, without damaging your hearing. A comfortable, custom fit, even under a helmet. Find your pick at Elacin Drive.


Earplugs for swimming
Earplugs for adult swimmers and children. Made from light, buoyant materials that completely seal the auditory canal from the outside environment. Prevent ear infections with Elacin Swim earplugs. Find them at Elacin Swim.


Hearing protection for all-round use
A great all-round solution for active people, including DIY, with flat attenuation, an aerated acoustical filter and excellent sound quality. Find the Elacin RC hearing protector at Elacin Active.

Elacin Music

Hearing protection for musicians, festival-goers, clubbers and more

Elacin Drive

Hearing protection for motorcyclists, motorists and motor sport

Elacin Active

Optimal sound and wearing comfort in all kinds of situations

Elacin Relax

Earplugs for sleeping and traveling are comfortable and soft

Elacin Swim

Earplugs for swimming prevent ear-infections and discomfort

Imprint Service

Have our technicians visit you where and when it suits you

Hygiene Solutions

Because the best hearing protector is a clean hearing protector

Elacin At Work

Hearing protection for noisy industrial and professional environments