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Reusable earplugs for swimming and dry ears

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Elacin Universal Swim earplugs are designed for people who are susceptible to ear infections caused by swimming or simply don’t like getting water in their ears.

These earplugs for swimming float and are comfortable to wear thanks to their unique shape and fit. The Elacin Universal Swim is a one-size-fits all reusable earplug for incidental use.

The design features two very soft lamellae. At the same time the curvature of the protector matches the shape of the auditory ducts of the widest number of people possible in a universal-fit hearing protector offering minimal pressure. The shape of the grip ensures a great seal between the earplug and the ear, because it intuitively encourages you to hold and insert the earplug correctly.

If you are looking for a more permanent solutions, we recommend the custom made Elacin Swim earplugs.

Who is it for?

The Elacin Universal Swim has been designed to keep water from entering your auditory duct and have no acoustical filter. This makes them idea for:

  • Water enthusiasts
  • People who are susceptible to ear infections
  • Water sports
  • Taking a shower


  • For incidental use
  • Seals off your auditory duct
  • Float
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Fit comfortably in the ear
  • Reusable


The Elacin Universal Swim is manufactured out of very soft, 28 Shore cytotoxicity-free thermoplastic elastomer.

The Elacin Universal Swim comes in blue.


The recommended consumer sales price for the Elacin Universal Swim starts at €14.95

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