Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Unmatched universal earplug thanks to CoreHelix™ technology

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The Elacin Universal ST24 is a one-size-fits all universal earplug intended for incidental use in noisy environments.

Thanks to a unique and innovative design, this hearing protector offers comfortable protection against excessive noise.

The design features two very soft lamellae. At the same time the curvature of the protector matches the shape of the auditory canal of the widest number of people possible in a universal-fit hearing protector offering minimal pressure. The Elacin Universal ST24 has an acoustical filter based on our CoreHelix™ technology. With an innovative internal structure, this technology provides the highest attenuation of any soft hearing protector. This filter provides flat attenuation and allows air to pass through to the auditory canal. The shape of the grip ensures a great seal between the earplug and the ear, because it intuitively encourages you to hold and insert the earplug correctly.

Who is it for?

Elacin Universal ST24 reusable earplugs have been developed for incidental use. They are perfect for while working (especially temporary workers), going to dance and other events, concerts, festivals, a café, bar or pub, other spare-time activities and DIY where sound quality is important. The Elacin Universal ST24 is the best alternative when a custom-made solution is not an option.

  • Great for temp-workers
  • All-round for dance events, music and other festivals
  • During spare time activities
  • When a custom-made solution is simply not an option


The acoustical filter is based on CoreHelix™ technology and has an average attenuation value of 24 dB.


  • For incidental use
  • Average attenuation value of 24 dB
  • Flat attenuation resulting in great speech intelligibility
  • Warning signals remain perfectly audible
  • Reusable
  • Innovative internal structure


The Elacin Universal earplug is manufactured out of very soft cytotoxicity-free thermoplastic elastomer (28 Shore).

The Elacin Universal ST24 for industrial use is available in yellow.
The Elacin Universal ST24 for consumer use is available in gray.


The sales price for the Elacin Universal ST24 starts at €14,95

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