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Hearing protection that enables hand-free communication

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In noisy environments, hearing protection can quickly become an obstacle to using phones, walkie-talkies and other communication devices. So what do people do? Take out their earplugs. And put their hearing at risk.

Recognising this Elacin has developed the modular SafeSound concept. This ensures a user will both hear incoming calls and be able to hold a conversation without removing their hearing protector. It works like this: a SafeSound hearing protector is worn in one ear. The communication device in use is then connected to the SafeSound with one of the Elacin SoloCom solutions, including the Elacin BoomMic, in the other ear. This combination of SafeSound, Elacin SoloCom and communication device provides uninterrupted hearing protection and clear, hands-free communication.

Elacin SoloCom
An extraordinary feature of the Elacin SoloCom is its integrated acoustic filter, which is available in three strengths. Used in combination with one of the four SafeSound filters, the degree of attenuation can be tuned to the ambient noise level. This prevents over attenuation while optimizing perceived sounds. The Elacin SoloCom can be connected to a two-way radio via a handset.

Who is it for?

The SafeSound is designed to enable communication through the hearing protector and is best used in the following kinds of situations:

  • When noise levels demand a hearing protector
  • To enable safe communication in the workplace
  • When hearing protections needs to work with a communication device
  • Industrial environments
  • The building, assembly and woodworking industries
  • Emergency services


  • Custom-made for a perfect fit
  • Hearing protectors also aid communication
  • Optimal protection
  • Earphone can be worn left or right
  • Improved speech intelligibility
  • Made from soft and light material
  • Easy to insert and remove


The custom-made Elacin SafeSound hearing protector is available with four attenuating, acoustical filters: the Elacin RC15, RC17, RC18 and the RC19.

  • Elacin RC19 filter
  • Elacin RC18 filter
  • Elacin RC17 filter
  • Elacin RC15 filter


The SafeSound is made from soft FlexFit silicone with a hardness of 60 Shore.
The SafeSound is available in grey and, at extra cost, in blue.


As this is a customisable product, please contact us to get a quote.

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