Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Optimal protection that retains sound’s natural timbre

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Enjoy maximum acoustic and physical comfort with the combination of a custom-made Elacin mould and the flat-attenuating, aerated Elacin RC acoustical filter.

The Elacin RC filter retains the natural timbre of sound and enables the wearer to hold a conversation without having to remove the hearing protector.

The aerated Elacin RC filter provides airflow throughout the auditory canal. This helps prevent a vacuum from forming, which otherwise can cause a pressure build-up between the eardrum and the hearing protector. This pressure build-up can cause discomfort in some situations. The Elacin RC acoustic filter technology eliminates this problem entirely. An often-heard reaction from customers is that they hardly feel they are wearing them.

Who is it for?

The Elacin RC is designed for maximum speech intelligibility. This hearing protector is the best choice:

  • When speech needs to be perfectly audible at all times
  • When alarm signals need to be perfectly audible always
  • During DIY and related activities
  • When visiting bars and clubs playing loud music

Three moulds

The Elacin RC range can be manufactured according to three mould. Each mould provides unique characteristics that work well in a variety of situations.

  • The Elacin RC comes with an integrated grip for easy accessibility.
  • The Elacin RC mini-grip is manufactured with an O-ring for easy fitting beneath a helmet or earmuffs.
  • The Elacin RC no-grip has been designed without a handle, for absolute discretion.


  • Custom-made for a perfect fit
  • Prevents over-attenuation
  • Optimal protection
  • Made from soft, light silicone
  • Allows ventilation to reach the auditory canal
  • No feeling of pressure in the ears


The Elacin RC is available with five acoustical filters: the Elacin RC13, RC15, RC17, RC18 and RC19.

  • Elacin RC13 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation value of 15 dB and the absolute favourite among air-traffic personnel, waitresses, waiters, stewards and café visitors.
  • Elacin RC15 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation value of 17 dB and the ideal solution for road workers, train personnel, DIY, sports and recreation teachers and bar and club-goers.
  • Elacin RC17 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation value of 18 dB and is also a great solution for road-workers, DYI, sport and recreation teachers, but also during a sporting-event, while visiting a (music-)café or attending a festival or club.
  • Elacin RC18 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation value of 19 dB and can be a great solution for heavy DYI and road-work, louder environments where speech and alarm signals need to remain audible and when visiting a concert or club.
  • The Elacin RC19 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation value of 20 dB. Allows air to pass freely throughout the auditory canal while also retaining the natural timbre of sound.


The Elacin RC is made from soft silicone with a hardness of 60 Shore. It is available in a transparent finish as standard, but can also be manufactured in blue, yellow, red or black at extra cost.

Elacin RC mould

Elacin RC minigrip

Elacin RC no grip


The Elacin RC can be fitted with detection options (for use in food-related industries). A metal ball can be added, as well as a detectable metal cord.


The recommended consumer sales price for the Elacin RC starts at €150.

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