Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Custom-made hearing protection for musicians

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The Elacin ER is a custom-made hearing protector that has been developed to enable people to enjoy music to the full, or for situations where only mild attenuation is needed.

The secret to the Elacin ER is the combination of a custom Elacin mould and the flat-attenuating acoustical filter. Flat attenuation gives clean sound reproduction, ensuring sound retains its natural timbre.

The custom-fit mould offers the best wearing comfort, which in turn encourages the use of the hearing protector whenever you are enveloped by noise. This is why the Elacin ER is the perfect hearing protection for musicians and music enthusiasts, but also the ideal solution for whenever speech must be perfectly audible at all times, and clear communication is a must.

Who is it for?

The Elacin ER is equipped with an acoustical ER filter with flat attenuation. This makes the Elacin ER the ideal hearing protector for:

  • Professional and amateur musicians
  • Music enthusiasts
  • Going to pubs and cafés that play loud music
  • When subtle attenuation is needed, such as in healthcare and education


  • Custom-made for a perfect fit
  • Optimal protection
  • Minimal pressure in the auditory canal
  • Optimal sound experience
  • Interchangeable filters
  • Compatible with Elacin ER earphones


The Elacin ER is available with three different filters. These filters can also be purchased separately:

  • The Elacin ER9 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation of 10 dB and the absolute favourite among musicians (classical and pop) and vocalist, as well as dentists, surgeons and sports/recreation teachers.
  • The Elacin ER15 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation of 16 dB and the absolute favourite among, for example, professional and amateur musicians and DJs, festival and club-goers, on-stage and while rehearsing.
  • The Elacin ER25 acoustical filter
    Average attenuation of 23 dB and one of our most popular solutions among, for example, live musicians, stage musicians, drummers, festival and club-goers.


The Elacin ER is made from silicone with a hardness of 60 Shore. It is supplied in a transparent finish as standard. It is also available in red, blue, black and yellow at extra cost.


Can be fitted with a chord.


The recommended consumer sales price for the Elacin ER starts at €165,-

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