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Hearing protection for the food and related industries

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Effective, comfortable and safe solutions that are capable of detecting hearing protectors used during food processing.

Our recommendation: Elacin RC
For the food and related industries we recommend the Elacin RC range of hearing protectors. The Elacin RC is specifically developed to maximize the intelligibility of speech and the audibility of warning signals. It also resists the formation of vacuums in the ear, due to its aerated filter technology.

Blue silicone and detection options
All Elacin hearing protection products for the food industry are made from a soft, durable and comfortable blue silicone and come equipped with several detection options. The materials used are entirely anti-allergic and offer maximum wearing and acoustical comfort.

For environments where intelligible speech audio signals are less important, the Elacin CH range is ideal. The aerated acoustical filter provides optimal wearing comfort and prevents vacuums from forming. The high attenuating capabilities make this range of industrial hearing protection one of our most widely chosen solutions for this type of industry.


  • Elacin RC

    150,00 incl. VAT

    For when speech and alarm signals must remain perfectly audible

    • Flat attenuation for natural sound reproduction
    • Aerated filter prevents a vacuum from forming
    • Also available as mini-grip and no-grip
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  • Elacin CH

    130,00 incl. VAT

    For a comfortable and maximum protection against heavy noise

    • Protects against heavy noise
    • Aerated filter for optimal comfort
    • Also available as acrylic version
    consumer sales price starting at:
  • Elacin Universal ST24 At Work

    14,95 incl. VAT
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    Unique in it's own class with CoreHelix™ filter-technologie

    • For a natural fit, with cord
    • Flat attenuation for clear sound reproduction
    • One-size-filts-all universal size
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  • Elacin Hygiene PLUS Value Pack

    Elacin HygienePLUS Value Pack

    30,00 incl. VAT
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    The complete solution for cleaning your hearing protectors

    • For a thorough cleaning
    • Prolongs the life expectancy of earplugs
    • Contains the entire Elacin Hygiene Kit
    consumer sales price starting at: