Elacin Hearing protection A sound experience

Hearing protection for the automotive industry

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Effective, comfortable and safe silicone and acrylic solutions.

We offer a broad range of hearing protectors for the automotive and related industries, including solutions for environments in which silicones are not allowed.

Our recommendation: Elacin CH
For the automotive industry, we recommend our Elacin CH range with CoreHelix™ acoustic filter technology. With an innovative internal structure, this technology provides the highest attenuation of any soft hearing protector. Combined with either an acrylic custom mould or a soft silicone mould, the Elacin CH range of hearing protectors is one of our most popular solutions.

The acrylic and silicone materials are anti-allergic and include the use of soft, durable and comfortable compounds for the silicone mould. The custom moulded Elacin CH range provides maximum wearer comfort and a reliable acoustical experience.


  • Elacin RC

    150,00 incl. VAT

    For when speech and alarm signals must remain perfectly audible

    • Flat attenuation for natural sound reproduction
    • Aerated filter prevents a vacuum from forming
    • Also available as mini-grip and no-grip
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  • Elacin CH

    130,00 incl. VAT

    For a comfortable and maximum protection against heavy noise

    • Protects against heavy noise
    • Aerated filter for optimal comfort
    • Also available as acrylic version
    consumer sales price starting at:
  • Elacin Universal ST24 At Work

    14,95 incl. VAT
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    Unique in it's own class with CoreHelix™ filter-technologie

    • For a natural fit, with cord
    • Flat attenuation for clear sound reproduction
    • One-size-filts-all universal size
    consumer sales price starting at:
  • Elacin Hygiene PLUS Value Pack

    Elacin HygienePLUS Value Pack

    30,00 incl. VAT
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    The complete solution for cleaning your hearing protectors

    • For a thorough cleaning
    • Prolongs the life expectancy of earplugs
    • Contains the entire Elacin Hygiene Kit
    consumer sales price starting at: