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Looking for workplace hearing protection? We manufacture advanced solutions for all these industries: Automotive, Aviation, Food, Music, Medical & Health industries and Military and Emergency services.


Safe hearing protection at work
Our Elacin RC range of hearing protectors is ideal for workplace situations in which speech and alarm signals must be perfectly audible at all times. The aerated RC-acoustic filter delivers great sound reproduction and unsurpassed wearing comfort. In environments where air pressure is subject to change, such as on a plane, it allows air to move freely through the hearing protector so preventing a vacuum forming in the auditory canal, which can cause discomfort.


Hearing protection for use with communication devices
The Elacin SafeSound is a unique solution that makes it possible to use a communication device like a phone in combination with hearing protection. Going a step further, the SafeSound can connect with walkie-talkies, headphones and similar devices via one of our Elacin SoloCom products, including the Elacin BoomMic.


Acrylic hearing protection for specialist environments
The Elacin CH Acrylic is an acrylic hearing protector for use in situations in which regular silicone hearing protection is not allowed, such as automotive paint shops. The Elacin CH Acrylic is part of the Elacin CH range, one of the most popular Elacin hearing protectors and perfectly suited for high-noise environments.


Hearing protection for people working in the automotive industry


Hearing protection for people working in the food industry


Hearing protection for use on planes and pressurized environments


Hearing protection for use with a communication device


Hearing protection for professional musicians, DJs and sound engineers


Hearing protection for medical, health and related industries

Hygiene Solutions

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