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Custom made hearing protection by Elacin


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An earplug, or hearing protector, is used to protect the user against a variety of external threats: noise, water, dust, wind and other materials that can enter the auditory canal.


The type of protection you need depends on what you want it to do. We have therefore divided out range into six protection categories.


Industrial hearing protection
Hearing protection for industrial use – for the Automotive, Aviation, Food, Music, Medical & Health industries and Military and Emergency services – can be found in the Elacin at Work section.


Spare-time hearing protection
Hearing protection for music festivals and concerts, DJs (professional as well as amateur), riding motorcycles, swimming and sleeping can be found in the Elacin Leisure section.


Electronic communication device and universal earplugs
Hearing protection that can be connected to an electronic communication device can be found in the Communication section.


Our standard and universal solutions are in the Universal Earplugs section.

Elacin at work

Hearing protection for industry and professional workers

Elacin Leisure

Hearing protection for music, swimming, sleeping, DIY and more


Hearing protection for safe, easy use with communication devices

Universal Earplugs

Universal earplugs for when a custom solution is not required

Elacin Hygiene Kit

Because the best hearing protector is a clean hearing protector

Imprint Service

Have our technicians visit you where and when it suits you