• Completely hollowed out
    for maximum comfort
    Elacin Relax
  • Our universal solution
    for peace and quiet
    Elacin Universal Relax

Custom moulded earplugs - Elacin Relax

Custom moulded hearing protection

Elacin Relax


90  ,-

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Custom-made earplugs for sleeping or concentrating better

  • Made from extra soft silicone material
  • Completely hollow for maximum comfort
  • No protruding parts

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  • Your own made-to-measure earplugs
  • Maximum acoustical and wearing comfort
  • Professionals quality

Universal earplugs

Elacin Universal Relax


14  ,95

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Reuseable earplugs for sleeping or concentrating better

  • Comfortable, even when lying down
  • Will form according to your auditory canal
  • One-size-fits all

Elacin accessoires

Elacin Hygiene Kit


18  ,15

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Experience sound as it should be with clean hearing protectors

  • Easy to use
  • For daily use
  • Extends usability