• Absolute favourite among professional drummers Elacin ER25
  • With an average
    attenuation value of 23dB
    Elacin ER25
  • Retains the full, rich timbre
    of sound and music
    Elacin ER25

Custom moulded hearing protection - Elacin ER25

The number one hearing protector for ‘heavy hitters’

The Elacin ER25 is a custom-made hearing protector specially developed to enable the wearer to fully enjoy the music. Perfected for use in a environment with loud noises. Thanks to the ER-acoustical filter with a flat attenuation.

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What makes our Elacin ER25 special, is the combination of a perfect fitting ear-mould and the flat attenuating acoustical filter. Flat attenuation provides a clean sound reproduction and will cause sound and music to retain its natural timbre. It is as if someone turns down the overall volume of your radio. The perfect fit of the ear-mould provides the best wearing comfort and will motivate you to wear our hearing protector the entire time that you are exposed to noise. This is why the Elacin ER25 is the perfect hearing protector for (professional-)musicians, music enthusiasts, visitors of concerts, (dance-)festivals, drummers, for use in the studio and on-stage.

Who is it for?

The Elacin ER25 comes equipped with an acoustical filter with flat attenuation. This makes the Elacin ER25 the ideal hearing protector for:

  • Dj’s
  • (Professional-)musicians
  • Drummers and percussionists
  • Visitors of concerts and (music-)festivals
  • For use in the studio and on-stage


The Elacin ER25 have an average attenuation value of 23 dB.


  • Custom-made for a perfect fit
  • Optimal protection
  • No pressure in the auditory duct
  • Optimal music experience
  • Interchangeable filters


The Elacin ER25 is made from silicone with a hardness of 60 Shore.


The Elacin ER25 is supplied in transparent as standard. This earplug is also available at extra cost in the colours red, blue, black or yellow.


The sales price for the Elacin ER25 starts at €165,-