• Enjoy the music as it is intended Elacin ER
  • Interchangeable filters for the right attenuation Elacin ER
  • Custom made musicians hearing protection Elacin ER

Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Elacin Music earplugs for musicians, DJs and music fans


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For DJs and music enthusiasts, the Elacin ER range of hearing protectors provides the best hearing protection for festivals, clubs and concerts. And as a bonus, they can be easily converted to create your own, personal custom earphones. 


The Elacin ER custom-made hearing protectors for musicians are designed to maximize your music experience. They enable you to listen to music comfortably while also conducting a conversation easily – without having to remove your hearing protectors.


The combination of the flat-attenuating acoustical ER filter and Elacin custom mould provide the best acoustical and wearer comfort available for music enthusiasts. In fact, they’re so comfortable that you will want to wear them whenever you are exposed to noise.


The Elacin ER is available with three different acoustical filters. The ER9 filter provides an average attenuation of 10 dB. The ER15 filter provides an average attenuation of 16 dB and the ER25 filter provides you with an average attenuation of 23 dB.


Create a custom earphone
The Elacin ER can also be easily converted to create your own custom-fitted earphones, just by combining it with our ER Earphones. Simply remove the ER filter from the mould and replace it with the ER Earphones and enjoy total immersion.

Elacin Universal ST24

Unique in its class, with Elacin CoreHelix™ technology

  • Average attenuation: 24 dB
  • Will mould to your ears
  • One-size-fits-all
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Elacin ER20 S/M

Intended for music fans and available in small or large fit

  • Avg. attenuation options: 16 dB - 20 dB
  • Retains the natural timbre
  • Reusable earplugs
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Elacin ER20 XS

Low-profile earplugs for music fans. Available as standard fit

  • Avg. attenuation value 16 dB
  • Retains the natural timbre
  • Low-profile fit works with headphones
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ER Earphones

The best way to enjoy music on-the-go: the Elacin ER Earphones

  • Maximum wearing comfort
  • Shuts out external noise
  • Connects to the Elacin ER
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Elacin Hygiene Kit

Because the best hearing protector is a clean hearing protector

  • For easy daily cleaning
  • Ensures optimal protection
  • Prolongs the life span
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