• Without integrated handle for a most discreet fit Elacin RC no-grip
  • The right attenuation, regardless of your activities Elacin Swim

Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Elacin Active earplugs for multi-purpose hearing protection


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Enjoy optimal wearer and acoustical comfort with the aerated Elacin RC acoustic filter technology. This special filter prevents a vacuum from forming between the hearing protector and the eardrum, which can cause discomfort.


The Elacin RC all-round hearing protector
The combination of a custom-made Elacin mould and the Elacin RC aerated acoustic filter technology make this hearing protector one of our best solutions. The Elacin RC retains the natural timbre of sound and enables air to freely move through the hearing protector and auditory canal. This makes the Elacin RC hearing protector the ideal all-round solution for a large variety of applications and situations.


Five filters and three mould designs
The Elacin RC hearing protector comes with any of five Elacin RC acoustical filters: RC13, RC15, RC17, RC18 and RC19. The Elacin RC can be manufactured in any of three mould designs. The regular Elacin RC comes with an integrated grip for easy accessibility. The Elacin RC mini-grip comes equipped with a flexible O-ring, for easy fitting beneath a helmet. The Elacin RC no-grip has no handle, for maximum discretion.

Elacin Universal ST24

If a custom fit is not an option, we offer the Elacin Universal ST24

  • Average attenuation: 24 dB
  • Innovative design and comfortable fit
  • One-size-fits-all
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Elacin Hygiene Kit

Because the best hearing protector is a clean hearing protector

  • For easy daily cleaning
  • Ensure optimal protection
  • Prolongs the life span
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