• Prolongs the life expectancy of your hearing protectors Elacin Hygiene Kit
  • For a thorough cleaning of your hearing protection Elacin Hygiene Value Pack

Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Maximum enjoyment with clean hearing protectors


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Care for your hearing protection! Because dust, smoke, and other contaminants combined with earwax can gum up your protectors. Result: distorted sound reproduction – or no sound reproduction at all. 


To keep your hearing protectors in the best shape possible, it’s important to clean them regularly. This will keep prevent them from clogging and ensures that music, speech and warning signals remain perfectly audible.


Elacin Hygiene solutions not only prolong the life of your hearing protectors and earplugs, they also guarantee your continued protection against noise. And they can significantly reduce the risk of ear infections.


Elacin Hygiene Kit and the Elacin HygienePLUS Value Pack

For easy, daily cleaning of your hearing protectors we advise you to use our Elacin Hygiene Kit. In the Elacin Hygiene Kit you will find all necessary tools to quickly and easily cleaning your hearing protection.


For a more thorough cleansing of your hearing protection, we advise you to make use of our Elacin HygienePLUS Value Kit at least once a month. The Elacin HygienePLUS Value Kit contains all the tools you will find in the Elacin Hygiene Kit and comes with additional cleaning supplies that are ideal for a thorough cleaning. And all this with extra discount, compared to buying the Elacin Hygiene Kit only.

Elacin HygienePLUS Value Pack

The complete cleaning solutions for custom hearing protection

  • For a thorough cleansing
  • Prolongs the life expectancy
  • Contains the entire Elacin Hygiene Kit
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