• Handsfree communication in emergency situations Elacin SoloCom Tube
  • Effective protection while alarm signals remain audible Elacin RC
  • Hearing protector and communication device Elacin BoomMic

Elacin Hearing Protection A sound experience

Hearing protection for emergency, security and military services


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Effective hearing protection that helps emergency, security or military personnel communicate with each other easily.


Hearing protection for emergency responders, security details and military personnel needs to do two things: protect people’s hearing and facilitate communication. We have several solutions and devices that meet these specifications perfectly.


Our recommendation: Elacin RC
The Elacin RC range features a flat-attenuating, aerated acoustical filter and a custom mould made from soft and durable silicone. Elacin RC is for situations in which speech and alarm signals need to be perfectly audible and hearing protection is a must.


The maximum noise solution
The Elacin CH range features an aerated, acoustical filter and a custom silicone or acrylic mould. The Elacin CH has not been designed for perfect speech intelligibility, but for optimal protection against high noise while providing a comfortable fit.


Industrial hearing protection and communication devices
The SafeSound hearing protector makes it possible to connect a custom-made Elacin hearing protector to a communication device. With the SafeSound, the user can remove the Elacin RC’s acoustic filter and replace it with any products in the Elacin SoloCom series or the Elacin BoomMic. This supports hands-free communication while providing excellent hearing protection.


The Elacin SoloCom comes with a single speaker and can be used with a broad range of communication devices.


Advanced noise-cancellation technology
The Elacin BoomMic extends the Elacin SoloCom concept with a boom-microphone design and advanced noise suppression technology for clear, uninterrupted communication.

Elacin CH

Custom-made, aerated and perfect for noisy environments

  • Avg. attenuation options: 25 dB - 30 dB
  • Also available as mini-grip
  • Available in hard acrylic and soft silicon


Elacin SafeSound

Quickly and easily enable the use of a communication device

  • Uses Elacin RC filter technology
  • Connects to the Elacin SoloCom range
  • Custom fit for optimal comfort


Elacin SoloCom

Enables two-way communication with the SafeSound

  • With integrated RC filter technology
  • Available as SoloCom, Lo & Tube
  • For easy, hands-free communication


Elacin BoomMic

Boom-microphone with powerful noise-suppression technology

  • With integrated RC filter technology
  • Connects to the SafeSound
  • Reliable, high quality, wired connection


Elacin Universal ST24

If a custom fit is not an option, we offer the Elacin Universal ST24

  • Avg. attenuation value: 24 dB
  • Innovative design and comfortable fit
  • One-size-fits-all


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