• For situations where silicone’s are not allowed Elacin CH acrylic
  • For clear communication with your co-workers Elacin RC

Elacin Hearing protection A sound experience

Hearing protection for the automotive industry


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Effective, comfortable and safe silicone and acrylic solutions.


We offer a broad range of hearing protectors for the automotive and related industries, including solutions for environments in which silicones are not allowed.


Our recommendation: Elacin CH
For the automotive industry, we recommend our Elacin CH range with CoreHelix™ acoustic filter technology. With an innovative internal structure, this technology provides the highest attenuation of any soft hearing protector. Combined with either an acrylic custom mould or a soft silicone mould, the Elacin CH range of hearing protectors is one of our most popular solutions.


The acrylic and silicone materials are anti-allergic and include the use of soft, durable and comfortable compounds for the silicone mould. The custom moulded Elacin CH range provides maximum wearer comfort and a reliable acoustical experience.

Elacin RC

Custom-made hearing protection with integrated grip

  • Avg. attenuation options: 15 dB - 20 dB
  • Also available as mini-grip and no-grip
  • Made from soft and comfortable silicone


Elacin Universal ST24

If a custom fit is not an option, we offer the Elacin Universal ST24

  • Avg. attenuation value: 24 dB
  • Innovative design and comfortable fit
  • One-size-fits-all


Elacin Hygiene Kit

Because the best hearing protector is a clean hearing protector

  • For easy daily cleaning
  • Ensures optimal protection
  • Prolongs the life span


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