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About Elacin hearing protection

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Elacin International is the market-leading manufacturer of custom-made hearing protection for professionals, industry workers and consumers worldwide. 

Hearing protection for industries
We develop, manufacture and sell our hearing protection solutions to a large variety of industries. Hearing protection suited for industrial and professional can be found in the Elacin at Work section and covers:

Unique solution for industries and professionals
Elacin is the only manufacturer of custom-made hearing protection in the world to have developed a soft silicone hearing protector with an average attenuation value of 30 dB. This is a unique level of attenuation for a silicone mould, and makes the Elacin CH30 suitable for high noise environments.

Hearing protection for consumers and leisure-time activities
Excessive noise is not limited to the workplace. The need for hearing protection therefore extends outside work to leisure-time activities as well. To help you quickly find the hearing protection you need, we have divided our products into five easy to navigate categories:

  • Elacin Music: for music enthusiasts, musicians and concert-goers, etc.
  • Elacin Drive: for motorcyclists, cabrio and convertible drivers and motor racing enthusiasts
  • Elacin Active: for your leisure-time activities including hobbies and DIY
  • Elacin Relax: for optimal concentration and some well-deserved shut-eye
  • Elacin Swim, for watertight ears when swimming or djsut taking a shower

Highly skilled technicians
Elacin offers unmatched service and skilled technicians who are there to help you find the right solution for your needs. Our professionals will be happily to visit where and when you want to help you choose the right hearing protection for you, explain the process and take the imprints. Meet our people here.